Ballet Nacional de España, Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, Nuevo Ballet Español, Cristina Hoyos, Belén Maya, Juan Ramirez, Alejandro Granados, Mary Paz Lucena, Domingo Ortega, Miguel Ángel Espino, Fundación Antonio Gades...
Elite casts and artists who demand quality. Their feet are a key part of their art. Providing them the best tool is the reason for of Calzados Arte FyL.

With our new online store we want you closer to your shoes design process, selecting colors and materials yourself and showing a simulation of how it will look.
We offer several options, but not all not to hinder the process. If you have any special requests, contact us.
And we ship your shoes wherever you are.

Calzados ArteFyl

Professionals Know It

Fundacion contra el Cáncer de mama
Flamenco costumes and complements at El Flamenco Vive


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